Triple Butter Silk & Agave Soaps


Your skin will adore these bars. Filled with creamy and conditioning goodness. The silk adds a touch of luxury to the skin. You'll be clean, silky, and smooth. Wonderful nourishment for your skin. This bar features mango, kokum, and shea butter. Please select (1) bar that you would like to receive. If no choice is made, we will choose for you. 1.Non Scented
  • Hamamelis is a light floral scent of calendula, sea buckthorn  and hamamelis.
  • Agave is non scented soap

Choose 1 bar or selection will be made for you



Ingredients: olive, distilled water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, kokum butter, mango butter, shea butter, agave, argan, jojoba oil, calendula, sea buckthorn, hamamelis, tussah silk


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