Himalayan Salt & Sugar Scrub


All natural & organic additives 

Benefits of Himalayan Salt for Skin

1.Detoxifies the body

Not only does the Himalayan salt help with the internal cleanse, it also detoxifies our skin. It draws out toxins, dirt, pollution, and bacteria from the pores. It cleanses it, promoting healthy and pure skin!

2.A natural exfoliator

The salt removes dead skin cells and helps to scrub off excess dirt, oils, and other impurities on the surface of the skin. This will leave your skin soft and glowing.

3.Balances pH of our skin

Himalayan salt naturally balances the pH of our skin due to its mineral content.

4.A natural aid for acne

As an antiseptic, Himalayan salt helps to destroy bacteria that causes acne on our skin. at the same time, it helps to remove excess oils. That way it leaves your skin feeling clean!

5.Softens the skin

With all its benefits, your skin will become more soft and smooth!



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