Amazon Rainforest Soap Collection


Your skin will adore these bars. Filled with creamy and conditioning goodness. These bar features African and Brazilian oils. This bar is safe for the hair, face, and body. No artificial colors or scents. Great for all skin types, including oily, aging, and sensitive skin. Please submit form and select which bar you would like to receive. If no selection is made we will choose for you.

  1. Brazilian features babassu oil, murumuru, tucuma, cupuaca. Infused with argan, jojoba, yogurt and coconut milk.  If you love our maximum body butter…you will definitely love this soap.
  2. Rain Forest is a combination of unique Brazilian oils that are nourishing for the face. This bar features Acai berry! Enjoy the fresh smell of the rainforest. ingredients: Andiroba, distilled water, brazil nut oil, sodium hydroxide, cupuaca butter, murumuru, tucuma, praxci, buriti, acai berryazon features Bacuri oil that gives its unique color. Bacuri is a highly emollient and moisturizing butter. Bacuri is from Northern Brazil, it is harvested in the wild from the bacuri fruit tree. ingredients: olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, bacuri, murumuru, avocado, castor oil, passion fruit, Brazilian red clay, pink Himalayan salt
  3. Cafe a blend of Northern Brazil green coffee oil, coconut, olive, and kokum oil, coffee grounds added for exfoliation. Wake up to the fresh smell of coffee. 
  4. Cafe also comes in Vanilla


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